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Sir Johnathan Francis Anthony O' Reilly I, MBE, is the current first in command of the Royal Marines, or first general of the Royal Marines. Originally assigned his post in late September of 1744, he formed the most effective fighting force in Europe under King George Augustus II of England. The Royal Marines are most commonly known for their service in the First Anglo-Spanish War, the Third East India Trading Company Civil War, and the Second Anglo-Spanish War, in that order.

Born on November 11, 1730, to Edward and Elizabeth O' Reilly, he quickly grew adept to country life. Living in a large estate outside Dublin, Ireland, he was taught by his parents many skills such as riding, hunting, sewing, craftsmanship, violin, and most reluctantly, politics. At age eight, he attended a school in Blessington, southwest of Dublin. He studied for one year there, before he purchased a comission into the East India Company, following a family tradition that each son should join Great Britain's struggle commerce.

The Company, however, had different plans for him. As an Ensign, he gallantly led a company of Royal Soldiers in what is known today as the First Battle of Port Royale. His actions in this battle prompted the Company to transfer him into the Royal Marines, with a promotion to Lieutenant.